December 9, 2015.   Warburton Pantry. 


The postcards have arrived today from the printers: beautiful, decadent cards with photography by Kate Baker and design by Ann Roberts Graphic Design.  I love the softness in the texture of the card, the creamy borders that bestow an antique look, and the 1920s postcard style on the back.  It was important to me to make a ‘real’ postcard that hopefully someone will write a little greeting on, stick on a stamp, and send in the mail.  The first one I will send will be to my sister, Dani, also a writer, with whom I have a long tradition of handwritten correspondence.  Kate’s portrait of me (seen at the top of this page) is on the front of the cards.

On the back, you see this…




I intend to leave little piles of them, or maybe sometimes just a single one, with my own handwritten inscription, in the public spaces where I write.  I have various performance artworks happening or in planning, but this is my personal one, quiet and gentle.  It’s my performance artwork of a daily practice: writing, my practice enclosed by the small rituals of my tea preparations and sipping.

I put my journal on the cafe table.  The tea paraphernalia arrives, and slowly I wait for a few moments as it steeps and reaches optimal temperature, and then I take the little milk jug from the cup, pour in my milk, turn the pot a couple of times, arrange the strainer over the surface of the cup (it always reminds me of a delicate bridge suspended over water), and pour the tea, a little stream at a time. I don’t take sugar, but I swirl the spoon without touching the bottom, to get the tea to the right colour.  And I sip.  I may open my journal then, but sometimes I leave it a while and think… starting the work deep on the inside.  I am in my own space, but I’m aware of what’s going on around me too, aware of the people who pass by, all intricately laced up in the poems and stories of their lives.


If you comment here and you are one of the first ten to do so, I will send you a postcard.




I’ve been working on a poem called ‘Bleu Myosotis‘. It is long and chunky and I’ve been looking at John Berryman’s Dream Songs for his arrangement of lines.  I’m noticing the relief I find in writing poetry.  It gives me a sense of at-homeness that I’ve not really ever experienced in prose writing even though nearly all have my publications so far have been in prose. I like the presence of time and timing in poetry.  I like the spaciousness.  I like to dance and in poetry I am in movement.  When I write poetry, I am dancing.

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  1. I’m commenting to be first commenter, though that is cheating, as you have written above that I am lucky enough to be first to receive one. It’s a beautiful project. I feel at home in poetry too, it was all that I used to write.

    • :) Posting today. It’s strange: my poetry really only began during the improvisation work with Andrew. It was like finding a beautifully fitting dress x x x

  2. Beautiful and intriguing to read. A wonderful self-perpetuating project to encourage your own and other’s writing. I’ve now created space in time to write and both Dani and now you too are a great inspiration. It’s will be wonderful watching you both develop.

    • Thanks, Sam. I’m glad you’re creating your own space. Email me your address at indigo.v.perry @ gmail com (but no spaces), and you’ll have your postcard soon. :)

    • Yay. I’d love to send you one. Even though I know where you live, I don’t actually know your address so maybe text or fb message it to me. :)

    • Thank you, Tamara, I’d love to send you one. Email me your address at indigo.v.perry @ gmail dot com (but with no spaces in between, and I’ll put your postcard in the post. :)

  3. Gosh Indi, is it terrible if I say I would really love you to send me one of your signed postcards? Your writing is extraordinary and I feel so grateful to be collaborating with you! Maybe you ca accept 11 people… I feel a little cheeky asking for one of the first 10…

    • Thank you, Lindy. I’m enjoying the project very much. Email me your address at indigo.v.perry @ gmail dot com (but no spaces in between) or fb message me, and I’ll send your postcard on its way xx

    • Thank you, Melinda. Email me your address at indigo.v.perry @ gmail dot com (but no spaces in between) or fb message me, and I’ll send you a postcard xx

    • Thanks, Gail. Fb message or email me at indigo.v.perry @ gmail dot com (without the spaces) and tell me your postal address and I’ll send a postcard.