Indigo Perry is a writer.

She writes in public spaces, sometimes in a nest woven from tough, ancient wonga vines gathered from forests near her home in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne, Australia.




Indigo has published memoir, fiction and poetry, but mostly she likes to write without being pinned down by genre and form.  How do you categorise words projected on to the moving bodies of dancers, or over the surface of a river, or into a performance space co-created with an improvising musician?  It is all a kind of poetry, a writing of space and time and the body, heart and spirit.  A writing of the earth and of the ether.

If you have found your way to this site by picking up one of Indigo’s postcards, you may have seen Indigo writing today with her journal and fountain pen – in a cafe, on a train, by a river, sitting on a step.  She likes to write with people moving around her, telling her stories, tracing sounds and rhythms, while others walk by, brimming and overflowing with their own stories, sounds and rhythms.


Slowly I move to take out the instruments gifted to me.  Hear me

Sing calligraphically from out of the ink.  Weep the broken beads of

Breath: human and universe in mourning as one body

Of water and the sonorous spiralling of time.


The image used on the front page and throughout this website is a detail from a portrait of Indigo Perry by analogue photographer Kate Baker.   The portrait, shown in entirety below, was awarded First Prize in the Photography section of the Visage Portrait Prize in 2014.


photograph ©Kate Baker www.earthviolets.com.au

photograph ©Kate Baker www.earthviolets.com.au