Indigo Perry and Andrew Darling - improvisation - in “the Redwoods”, East Warburton Nov 2015 ©Kate Baker

Indigo Perry and Andrew Darling – improvisation – in “the Redwoods”, East Warburton Nov 2015
©Kate Baker


Above is a highlights reel of an Illuminous work titled ‘The Forest Within’, which took place at Projekt 3488 in Warburton, Victoria, Australia.


‘Illuminous’ is the name of an improvised performance art collaboration.  Andrew Darling plays improvised trumpet and Indigo Perry improvises writing on her laptop, which is projected onto a screen, wall or other surface, in a performance space.

There is an alchemical fusion when Andrew and Indigo play. Andrew writes: ‘Indigo’s writing is incredible: deeply poetic, intense, beautiful, artistic. I play the trumpet in a very unconventional way, exploring a range of unorthodox extended techniques, atonal playing and strange sounds.’

Through the work, the aim is to access and explore emotional and energetic states that are not often expressed in public, or even at all, creating a space for people to feel into hidden or unexpressed aspects of themselves. These can be pain, wounding, sadness, beauty, joy, love… whatever arises. And further, through the expression of these states in a shared space, infused by the alchemy of the performance, the possibility of healing can emerge.

Indigo and Andrew have been developing the Illuminous collaboration since 2014. Much of its development has taken place in the natural forest and river environments, close to logging coupes, near their home of Warburton, Victoria, Australia.



Quotes from Testimonial from Associate Professor Marion Campbell, Deakin University:


‘These improvisations are striking in the force, beauty and the strange elegance with which they appear, as if decanted, as if their poise were achieved over years of dedicated practice.’


‘In their collaborative trumpet and textual improvisation project Illuminous Indigo Perry and Andrew Darling create potently uncanny effects, whereby the audience is transported to psychically intense, altered states.’


‘Like a tentative probing to make space-time intelligible, letter-by-letter, the text appears on a back screen — sometimes in response, sometimes, it seems, in anticipation of the trumpet’s notes, from raucous, gut wrenching protest, through mournful sobs, to seductively looping insinuation. Using the screen as a kind of poetic ‘open field’, with the arrival of each new word, the writing itself unfolds here as a fascinating performance.’



Quotes from Video Testimonials:

‘I was just blown away. Amazing. A collaboration between, I guess, two forms of art that you don’t normally see together.’ […] ‘Such a unique creative offering.’ […] ‘It’s a soundscape and a wordscape at the same time.’ […] ‘It’s going to stay with me for a long time because I haven’t seen anything like that before.’ David, audience member testimonial, The Forest Within performance, 2016.

‘More exquisite and delicate than I imagined.’ […] ‘It really sort of altered my state of consciousness. It was like being in a dream at times.’ Karina, audience member testimonial, The Forest Within performance, 2016.