Stream of Consciousness


Andrew Darling and I are are about to begin making our first movements into a major new work for our Illuminous performance project. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Brooke Wandin, artist and community educator. The work we’re exploring is titled Stream of Consciousness, and it’s supported by an Arts & Heritage Grant from Yarra Ranges Council and auspiced by Deakin University. In this work, the three of us are participating in a series of conversations about the upper reaches of the river that flows through our home communities, physically, psychically, creatively. Birrarung. Our conversations will be spoken in the voices of our creative practices. We’re speaking with one another, and with Birrarung too, in dialogue, through our voices of improvised music, poetic text, weaving. Storytelling, through our various means. Speaking and listening, on the banks of the river.

These conversations of ours will be presented as a video installation work. The first screening is scheduled for November 23, 2019, at Warburton’s Mecca Theatre at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre, which itself is located close to Birrarung: you can walk to the back decking and look out to see and hear the river’s flowing.

As I write here today, I am sitting close to the river, and I’m listening. A lot of rain has fallen and the river is fast, its banks wide. I stop, and look in: see the patterns in the foam. I’m ready to start the talk with this body of water.

The image for this post is a delicate piece by Brooke Wandin, created for a NAIDOC exhibition.