Darkfall (2020 University of Western Australia Publishing) is in bookshops now.

‘Darkfall is a potent and unforgettable work about Indigo Perry’s childhood and teenage years in a desolate, dusty and bleak country town in the 1980s.

It’s a journey of grief, resilience and reclamation surrounded by music from alternative and post-punk bands.

A memoir written in fragments.

“I lived in country Victoria, mostly in the north-west. Verging on desert. But not quite. It’s set in those places where I lived, but it’s also set inside me, in the imaginative landscape that I created in those times of my life”.

Identifying extreme toxic masculinity and gendered violence, Perry’s deep retrospective presents a profound poetic strength, which uncovers the power that resilience can unleash.’




Midnight Water: A Memoir, published under the author’s previous name, Gaylene Perry, appeared in 2004 under the Picador imprint. Midnight Water was one of five books shortlisted for the National Biography Award. An audio book version was published in the same year.