Dancing on the salt lake.

My second book will be published by UWA Publishing in 2020. It’s a memoir, written in fragments. I’m ready now to tell you the title. Darkfall. This is an American word for dusk. I came across it while reading a young adult novel to my daughter. Dusk is one of my favourite times of day (I don’t think I can choose just one as my favourite, but all of my favourite times are when the light is soft or deep and nuanced).

Darkfall is set in my childhood and adolescence. I had many reasons to hide and disappear then. I lived in country Victoria, mostly in the north-west. Verging on desert. But not quite. It’s set in those places where I lived, but it’s also set inside me, in the imaginative landscape that I created in those times of my life.

The image here is a photograph that I took of myself a few years ago, on the pink salt pans of Lake Tyrrell, close to where the events and visions of Darkfall took place. Some say that this salt lake is a remnant of an inland sea.